UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering

La Jolla, CA


Worked as a Head Tutor for various classes under the Computer Science and Engineering Department including CSE 12 and 100. I supported both Professor Cao and Sahoo during the time I tutored.

Worked on multiple tasks including the creation of new testing scripts, creating new assignments, and also creating containers for students to use for their coding environments. Throughout the process various languages were used for the different tasks including C++, Java, and Python. Containers were created and introduced with the transition to online learning. In order to simulate the same coding environment as the tutors, students were given containers that could be opened in VSCode to have the necessary packages and extensions needed in order to complete the assignments.

Tutoring has allowed me to visit different companies surrounding UC San Diego including Amazon and ServiceNow. The other tutors I have met during my time tutoring have been great coworkers but also amazing friends. If you ever have any questions you would like to ask me please feel free to reach out! Preparing for the interview may be difficult but becoming a tutor is definitely something worth spending time on.


CSE 202 Design and Analysis of Algorithms - Coursework included weekly homework assignments with questions from many topics. The Final Project that is attached in the link is my group's project in which we took a look at a game called Numbrix. Using various algorithms and techniques we were able to create a solver that would efficiently solve varying difficult puzzles in a timely manner.

CSE 221 Operating Systems - The course consisted of a number of homeworks but mainly consisted of the Final Project. The linked PDF showcases the Final Project my team and I worked on in which we measured many processes and procedures on specific hardware and we recorded all benchmarks in our report. Through the project we gained insight into how the computer operates and how long certain operations took.

CSE 291 H00 Intro to Computing Education Research - Learned and researched topics about Computer Science education in all grade levels. For out Final Project, we decided to look at the impacts and effects of Office Hours within Introductory Computer Science Courses.

CSE 291 I00 Computational Photography - Worked on many assignments pertaining to Computer Vision and Computational Photography and implemented an automated system for creating a synthetic depth-of-field image with stereo images through various techniques including depth maps, image segmentation, and gaussian blurring.