Western Digital Remote

Fremont, CA


Worked as a RAMP Software Engineer part-time under the Integration Team. Reporting to my manager Jing Zou, I work alongside other engineers from other teams including the Big Data Platform Team.

This being my second internship, it definitely was a step up from previous work. I worked on an internal tool that is being used by R&D Engineers to track and maintain wafer information from different facilities. In order to improve the efficiency of the workers, we are creating a web application to maintain data from many different tools in one place. This requires some HTML and CSS with SQL to retrieve data and Python for many of the other components.

Have only visited the office once when interviewing for the position back in February of 2020. Ever since then, I worked remotely while being a full-time student. The job has allowed me to learn a lot of skills outside of school and gain a lot of work experience contributing to a project I had started when I first joined.