NIWC Pacific

San Diego, CA

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Worked as a Data Analyst Intern in the Summer of 2019. The Naval Base is located in Old Town right off of the 5 freeway. The base is a 14 minute drive from the UCSD Campus.

This was my first internship as a Computer Science Major at UC San Diego. Worked at the base to support the Logistics and Fleet Support Team. It was my task to automate preexisting workflows to improve efficiancy and reduce errors.

I was able to improve the custom legacy MySQL database utilizing tools such as SQL, Tableau, and Python to maintain data hygiene and better metrics. This was all used to create custom dashboards tailored to specific departments and branches within NIWC Pacific. This helped to improvve the overall data collection and distribution based on the individuals need.

Security Clearance and badges were necessary when working on this base at all times. In order to work there over the summer I was granted Interim Secret Securit Clearance.