Amazon Remote

Seattle, WA


Joined the Alexa Devices team to work with the DSDK Team which mainly dealt with the skills and handling of skill uterances that were being passed through the Alexa Pipeline.

The Internship Project consisted of working on Integration tests to mock out 3rd party API calls in order to remove dependencies that were found within the tests. This was in order to ensure that when running the tests, the code being tested was our code and to ensure that any issues with the 3rd party services would not interfere with our tests. Using an Internal Mocking Tool, I was able to mock out the dependencies and also develop a utility to help on-board mocking features in the future for other teams within Alexa.

The lack of information of the Internal Tool prooved to make the project much more difficult than anticipated and I realized that the Proof of Concept that I had been given was incorrectly implemented. I contacted the developers of the internal tool to confirm the proper use of the tool and updated the project scope in order to accomodate the issues that we had encountered during the internship. Overall, it was a great learning experience and got to work with a great mentor in Xun Hu. Towards the end of the internship, I was able to also support new skill creations in Japanese as well.